Dui Prithivir Uttaran (Scaling Two Worlds)

Dui Prithivir Uttaran (Scaling Two Worlds)

Edited by : Vina Mazumdar
Price: Rs 150.00

This collection of essays is based upon the life stories of the Adivasi women
from four little known villages of the Midnapore district of West Bengal. As
the Adivasis, the anthropologists of Vidyasagar University and the activists
of the Centre for Women’s Development Studies interacted with each other,
much that was never known before was revealed. The lives, the sufferings
and the struggle against odds have made the stories of these ordinary women
quite extraordinary. On their part, the anthropologists became aware
about their limited world and started to question themselves. Thus began
the process of scaling the two worlds. This is what has made Dui Prithivir
Uttaran an extraordinary book for anthropologists, sociologists, political
scientists, historians and those in gender studies.

Published by: StreePublication Date: February, 2002
ISBN Code:81-85604-53-3