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Shepherd as Intellectual
Cultural Studies / Dalit Studies / Memoir

Shepherd as Intellectual

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With his characteristic critique of the upper castes, Kancha Ilaiah, for the first time, pens down his past in this autobiography. Bringing out the social relations that has not much changed since his time, he describes the important social customs and beliefs that marked the existence of the lower castes. Recounting his personal anecdotes and experiences, his relations with his parents and siblings, his mother’s biases towards other castes lower than theirs, the prevalence of child marriage, his ideas towards the custom of early marriage, and finally, his indomitable passion to be educated, Kancha Ilaiah explains what he thinks had made him and others pursuing education different from the group of shepherds to which he belonged.

Published by: Sage-SamyaPublication Date: January, 2017
ISBN Code:978-93-81345-32-0