Fluid Bonds: Views on Gender and Water
Anthropology / Asian Studies / Politics and Political Theory / Sociology

Fluid Bonds: Views on Gender and Water

Edited by : Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt
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The bonds between women and water are enduring and vital. Throughout the world women play important roles in dealing with water, primarily at the household level and agricultural labour. One can find innumerable differences in which women and men related to and use water. Because of the various roles women play in water resource management, they have considerable knowledge about water- availability, quality and reliability, restrictions and acceptable storage methods. At the same time, the nature of jobs usually performed by women means they are in constant contact with polluted or poor quality water. They are affected by the lack of sanitation, and thus are most vulnerable to water-related diseases. When it comes to decision-making about water resource management, women are almost invisible. It highlights the achievements and failures, in both developed countries and developing countries, and urges the mainstreaming of gender in the water sector.

Published by: StreePublication Date: March, 2006
ISBN Code:978-81-85604-70-3