The Dark Sun and the Woman Who Wore a Hat
Cultural Studies / Gender Studies / Literature / Women's Writing in Translation

The Dark Sun and the Woman Who Wore a Hat

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‘Moving within this text that seems like entering a Dali painting, one is shaken awake—to the fact that everything can be perceived in different ways, that the given is not the only way of looking at things.’–New Quest
This translation provides access to the major works of a leading Marathi writer. The two novellas embody the tensions and cross-currents of an indigenous modernity even as they deconstruct it. Kamal Desai’s fiction is focussed on the micro-levels of inner life where experience is held together by the compelling and never predictable struggle for selfhood. Nearly always, subtle and ongoing antagonisms structure and threaten Kamal Desai’s imagined communities.

Published by: StreePublication Date: February, 1999
Translated from:Marathi to English by Sukhmani Roy
ISBN Code:978-81-85604-07-7