Manuscript Submission

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Submission Guideline- If the manuscript is asked for by the publisher- for further evaluation, the Manuscript should be typed in Times New Roman font (11) and vertically double spaced, in Word.Doc format. Each part of the Manuscript (i.e Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, Introduction Chapters, Indices, etc) must be placed in separate folders with proper name/numbering and arranged accordingly. Do not attempt any design or template layout or stylizing on the Manuscript.]

[Please Note- Authors interested in submitting manuscripts on - Academic Non-Fiction, Social Sciences: Cultural Studies, Dalit Studies, Women Studies, and Translation in English from Regional Languages, may submit their proposal. We do not publish fiction or poetry.]

Proposed Title and, Subtitle (If any)

[The entire Book proposal should be typed in Times New Roman font (11) and spaced accordingly.]

Brief Description- In a paragraph or two surmise the contents of the manuscript, its main arguments, brief explanation for a non-expert and highlight its core conclusion.

Full Description- Within one or two pages, describe the contents of the proposed book in details: The general plan of the proposed book, purpose and research input. What important questions are addressed and answered in the work. How this book will contribute to the already existing field of work.

Proposed Chapter Outline- Provide the list of chapters; including preliminary titles and brief synopsis, discussing each of the chapters' contents and primary argument.

Table of Contents- Provide a list of topics, categorised into sections.

Author Information- Present designation and affiliations, previous books written (if any, provide name, date of publication and publisher name), journal articles and scholarly pieces (provide name of journal, date of publication). Any information and experience as a qualifier for writing the proposed book. Attach a full CV.

Additional Information- Assumed length of the Manuscript (total number of words, including notes and references) and number of tables and illustrations.

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